Friday, January 7, 2011

Date Night

Whether you are single, in a committed relationship or married, you know about date night. For single girls this is the time when you are wishing you had a boyfriend or are cursing those who do. It sucks going out alone on date night when couples surround you. I know, I used to be one and was reacting the same way.

If you are in a relationship you know this night as the night when you are getting your man all to yourself. Rarely is there a time when you have all the attention on just you as a couple. Whether its dealing with work, taking care of the kids, or any of the many mundane tasks such as cleaning or paying bills, something always finds a way to interrupt that 'special moment'.

I am not an overly romantic or touchy-feely person but I know from many heart-breaking stories that it is so important to have these nights to maintain a relationship, keep the spark, and just feel like two kids on a date again. Without these moments it makes those other tough moments, like fighting about finances or chores, really hard to move past.

Our routine is to go on a date once every month to really just be together and enjoy the company of my best friend. Now, once a month seems like a lot but it still feels like we still do not get enough quality time together so once a week we will snuggle on the couch and enjoy a redbox movie together. Cheap, no babysitter, but still enough to re-establish our connection and get us through the week.

And let's not forget, a week here and there can make or break you. Here is hoping my date night does the former.

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