Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Daycare or not?

To daycare or not? That is the question that every woman faces when they learn they are about to be a mommy.

It is a hard thing to say that you do not want to be a stay at home mom... that is just unheard of, right? I wobble sometimes between wanting to stay at home and wanting to work, but often, even if we could comfortable afford for me to stay at home, I would not want to.

That does not make me a bad mother, but I think a better one. I am more focused at home once I have had grown-up talk during the day and the chance to relax without holding a two-year old all morning long.

Regardless of how my kiddos being in daycare benefits me, it most definitely benefits them more. My son was singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star today in the grocery store on his own... I didn't even know he knew that song to be singing it!

At his school they teach him numbers, colors, animals and many other things that I would not be able to do as a working mother. Let's assume for a second I was a stay at home mom, I would be busy doing chores, paying bills and many other duties and probably would not have the time to teach him new things and explore as they do at school.

The socialization is a great aspect too! He has been doing play dates all his life but he talks so much more at school and because of that has such a greater vocabulary. So, when it came time to decide what to do with our little man while mommy and daddy worked, it was easy to choose a daycare that loves my son as much as we do.

Anybody else out there brave enough to admit that they, even if they could financially, would not be a stay at home mom... or am I alone on this one?

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